All glory and honor to our God the Father Almighty Christ Jesus. The Bethel Mar Thoma Church Sydney Choir known as Sydney BMTC Choir, is a lively choir and is committed to sing for His Glory. The participation of the choir in worship services is an amazing grace that has been bestowed by our Lord on to this Choir. The choir actively participated in the worship services of the Church. The main objective of the choir is to assist the congregation in singing and worshiping Christ in true spirit and mind. The choir is registered with the Department of Sacred Music and Communication, Tiruvalla, Kerala, India.

” I will praise you, Lord, among the nations; I will sing of you among the peoples. For great is your love, higher than the heavens; your faithfulness reaches to the skies – Psalm 108:3-4


The Sydney BMTC Choir has been an integral part of the church. The choir assists the congregation in the worship to sing together and experience the presence of God. The choir conducts practice sessions every fourth Sunday, after the church service.

Christmas Carols

Besides assisting the congregation, the choir conducts the Christmas Carol Service every year in December. During the Christmas season, the choir takes the initiative to visit elders at Aged Care Homes and sing Christmas hymns and songs.   

The choir performs Carol Rounds every year during Christmas by visiting the various prayer groups and signing traditional Christmas songs.

Easter Recitals

The choir also conducts Recitals during Easter and invites other churches to join in the service. In addition, upon invitation from other churches, the choir participates in ecumenical musical programs to promote unity among various churches.

Virtual choir

During the pandemic time, god led the choir to record virtual songs and that was played during Easter, Christmas and other special occasions.

Aged care Visits

The Choir visits aged care and share happiness of Christmas with the inmates during Christmas season.