Young Family Fellowship

The Young Family Fellowship (YFF) of the Bethel Mar Thoma Church Sydney functions as a platform that brings together young families of the church to experience Christian fellowship. The mission of YFF is to connect  with all young families at a personal level, build faith-based friendships and share Gods word together.

YFF organises events like retreats, picnics, bible studies and discussions that give an opportunity for families to get to know each other better and share life experiences from a Christian perspective. A key activity of the YFF mission is to reach out, support and engage with newly migrated families and bring them to our community.

The YFF at Bethel Mar Thoma Church Sydney commenced  in 2010, under the leadership and guidance of Blysu Achen and Nissy Kochamma. The YFF gained momentum  during Mathews Achen and Feby Kochamma’ s tenure from 2012 to 2015. Under the pastoral care and leadership of our Achens and Kochammas who have taken charge since, YFF has continued to grow and function as a strong support group for our young families in the true Christian spirit.